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4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot

How Does Pickup Leasing Work?

Leasing is just like owning a pickup, but without the hassle and without the huge up front cost.

We understand that pickup leasing can seem confusing, so we want to try and help answer any queries you might have to ensure you get why leasing is such a good deal, so let's start with the basic pro's and con's!


  • Enjoy a new pickup every few years
    Leasing a pickup allows you to use a brand new pickup without the up front costs. You can lease a pickup for two, three or four years, allow you to always drive around in a fantastic new pickup.
  • No maintenance or MOT costs
    Old pickups need MOT's and always need looking after. Leasing is hassle free and you can even include all maintenance costs as a monthly fee as well.
  • No need to save up for a pickup
    Saving up a lump sum can take forever and getting finance for a loan to cover the cost or a pickup can end up costing a lot more than you think. Leasing ensures you can get the pickup you want now, not later, for a simple monthly fee.


  • Your monthly cost is based on mileage
    One of the things that has a large effect on how much you pay on a monthly basis is the mileage. It's important that you work out what you'll be using your pickup for so you can select the correct mileage. If you think that you'll end up going over the maximum mileage you have set, get in contact straight away as it's possible to extend your mileage for a cost. By letting us know, you can ensure your new monthly fee covers the extra mileage.
  • You don't own the pickup
    In simple, pickup leasing is a way a person can have full access to a vehicle without actually owning it. It's very similar to renting a pickup, but instead of only having it for a couple of weeks or a month, a standard pickup lease will last anywhere between one to four years. So, not owning the pickup doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy it, it just means the worry is not yours.
  • You must return the pickup in good condition
    The value of the car is based on its condition, so you must return it in a condition commensurate with its age and milegae or there may be additional fees you will not be charged for anything considered as fair wear and tear.

How does leasing a pickup compare to buying a pickup?

If you are considering buying a pickup instead of leasing, see how leasing can save you loosing your capital, so you can go and spend or invest that on something more fun!

What is the pickup leasing process?

Leasing a pickup is like a cycle, you lease a pickup, use the pickup, return the pickup and get a new one. You keep going, year after year, enjoying a new pickup!

Getting the best price deal

Our website is updated daily with different pickup prices and deals. Models can go on offer for short periods of time and you may only have a limited window to take up an offer. It's a bit like booking a flight!

If you are yet to choose the pickup you want, why not make a general enquiry and we will keep in touch with some of the best deals as soon as they come out.

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Why choose us for pickup leasing?


As one of the UK's leading pickup leasing and contract hire specialists, we pride ourself on both the quality and quantity of our range of pickup lease deals across many of the biggest pickup brands.

At, we offer a comprehensive range of high-end pickups and flexible pickup lease agreements and contract hire packages to suit your specific business or individual needs. has a wide variety of lease vehicles available including coupes, hatchbacks, saloons, and convertibles and we look forward to offering you an affordable contract hire price today.

We offer a wide range of affordable funding and lease finance options including:

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  • Finance Lease
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